Where is Everything?

     I wanted to post a map of the current snow coverage in Minnesota but I can’t seem to find the link to the website anywhere.  I wanted to tell folks to take the ice out poll I have set up on Voyageur’s Group Page on Facebook but I can’t find where that went.  So after spending almost an hour looking online for these things I finally gave up.

     It was cold again this morning with frost on my windshield.  Where the woods aren’t thick the snow is disappearing slowly and each day the Seagull River stretches a little closer to the rapids going to Saganaga.  It won’t be long before it meets the open water and then the loons will have a long enough runway for take-off.  There were goldeneyes in front of our dock yesterday, a grouse in our driveway and mamma moose with last year’s calf on the road.  The woods are filled with the sounds of grouse drumming and woodpeckers pounding.

     It’s a blue sky morning on the Gunflint Trail and by Sunday the temperature is suppose to get up into the high 50’s.  

     If you find any of the information I’m looking for then please let me know.  If you haven’t signed up for the Ham Run on Sunday, May 1st  then quit stalling, there’s a Half-Marathon and a 5k to choose from.  I want to see you on the Trail Less Traveled. http://www.hamrunhalfmarathon.com