What Size Truck?


     It feels like I have been ran over by a truck but I am not sure what size truck it was. Back in the day, when Mike’s younger brother Scott was still in High School we used to drive to St. Cloud and back in one day just to watch him play in a football game.  Six hours one way for a 2 hour game on a Friday night and then six hours back home for a couple of hours of sleep before we started the day.  That was before kids and in October.  As they say, "That was then, this is now." 

     Fast forward to 2009, the triathalon of weddings for Mike’s siblings.  Steve in April, Jessica in June and Scott this past weekend.  I know what you’re thinking, "You’ve got to be kidding me?"  My initial thoughts on the June and August weddings were, "They must not care if we’re there or not."  It’s difficult to get Mike to leave Voyageur for an evening and now we were expected to leave for two weekends during our short summer season. 

     Luckily the 2009 Voyageur Crew was the most competent one we’ve ever had.  With Miss Montgomery returning to help for the weekend we had a number of experienced staff on hand as well as some outstanding new ones who were ready for the challenge of a very busy weekend.  We drove down to St. Cloud on a Friday night for the rehearsal, attended pictures and the wedding on Saturday and left the dinner and dance early so we could be back at Voyageur by 7am Sunday morning. 

     This past weekend we drove to the cities to fly to Boise, Idaho for the third and final Prom wedding.  Miss Sheri Prom volunteered to miss the wedding so she could help at Voyageur while we went to the wedding.  She, along with the excellent crew took care of everything and never even called us once during our weekend away.

     Of course our flight was delayed over an hour on Friday but we still made it in time for the Groom’s barbecue in the park.  Saturday was pictures, the ceremony and then dinner and a dance.  The wedding and all of the festivities took place outside at a beautiful vineyard on a hill outside of Boise.  The weather was perfect and so was everything else.

     Sunday we went for a quick tour of the Boise Zoo before heading to the airport before our 2pm flight back to the cities.  Wishing we didn’t have to drive 6 hours we landed in the cities and shuttled back to our vehicle.  It was almost 2am by the time we pulled in to Voyageur with a welcome home of garbage strewn about the parking lot by the neighborhood black bear.  My body refused to spend anymore time awake and I left the mess for the morning.

     By the time I awoke a Mike Irwin, VCO Crew Member Extraordinaire, had taken care of the bear mess.  Angel Jessica got up to cook breakfast so I didn’t have to and I was able to sleep in.  However, I still feel like I was hit by a truck. 

     I refuse to say, "I must be getting too old for this stuff."  Yet I look around and Scott’s friends who I knew as children now have children of their own.  How can everyone else be getting old when I just stay so young?  It doesn’t seem to make sense so I’ll blame it on the vineyard.  I don’t usually drink wine but I did on Saturday so that must be why on Monday I still feel like I was hit by a truck. 

     The thing is, it was worth it!  I survived the Tri!  3 weddings in 3 different states and 3 new siblings.  It’s about time.  Now for the next question… "When are my kids going to get some Prom cousins?"