What is Today?

     Most of us are aware it is Sunday, November 7th and hopefully everyone is feeling good from their extra hour of sleep last night.  Almost every day of the year has been designated as something special and today is no exception as it is National Bittersweet Chocolate with Almonds Day.

     This week contains more special days of interest.  The most known and celebrated is Veteran’s Day on the 11th and another important one in our household is Abby’s birthday on the 10th.  Other birthdays abound including relatives Sheri Prom and Aunt Terry and locals on Gunflint Lake Sheryl Hindermann and Bob Sr.  I’m sure there are more birthdays and anniversaries to celebrate this week but did you know what other important days this week has to offer?

  •      November 8th- "Cook Something Bold Day" and "Dunce Day"
  •      November 9th- "Chaos Never Dies Day" and "Young Reader’s Day"
  •      November 10th- "Forget me not Day" and "USMC Day"
  •      November 11th- "Veteran’s Day"
  •      November 12th- "Chicken Soup for the Soul Day"
  •      November 13th- "National Indian Pudding Day", "Sadie Hawkins", and "World Kindness Day"
  •      November 14th- "Operating Room Nurse Day"

     There are some special days to celebrate this week but the one I’m looking most forward to is November 15th,  "Clean your Refrigerator Day".  I sure hope people don’t wait all year for this day before they clean their refrigerator.  Just as I hope they don’t only recognize "America Recycles Day" and "National Philanthropy Day" on the 15th.

     Whatever the day, enjoy it to the max, you never know when it will be your last.