What in the World?

     Sometimes I can’t believe what the thermometer or the forecast says.  Last night it got down to -26 degrees and by next Wednesday the thermometer could reach 36 degrees above zero?  Somewhere there is a happy medium I can comfortably live with.

     Winter lover or not no one wants temperatures above freezing when there’s good snow on the ground.  Those temperatures wreak havoc with our lovely trails and everyone agrees if it’s going to be cold then we may as well have snow to play in.  I’m hoping for an arctic blast of some sort to push the warm air out of here.

     If the temperatures do get that warm next week then be ready for some crazy sightings in Cook County.  I can just imagine folks skiing downhill at Lutsen in shorts and bikini tops.  Or people snowmobiling and ice fishing without their shirts on.  This could get ugly so please keep your fingers crossed that it really won’t get that warm next week.

     I hope some of you will participate in the Volksski 400 this weekend on the Gunflint Trail.  I’m guessing there are still sections of trails to sign up for.  Unfortunately I won’t be able to make history as we’ll be watching some more hockey action in Moose Lake while Ron and Elsa hold down the fort.

     Wherever you are I hope you have a wonderful weekend!