What Can Cold Do

I recently read an article about the effects of cold temperatures on wildlife.  While some of the article talked about iguanas in Florida falling from trees there were some facts that pertain to our forests.

We know what most wildlife does during our cold winters on the Gunflint Trail.  “Wild animals have ingenious ways of conserving energy, including hibernation, torpor and other physiological changes. Some simply migrate to warmer climes. Others have thick layers of fat or lush fur that helps them stay warm and dry.”

Some species are not able to adapt to the cold temperatures and when they find themselves in a situation where it’s too cold for them they may perish. This is a good thing when it comes to forest pests such as the emerald ash borer because it might slow their spread down.

I’m glad I’m able to adapt to cold weather, even though it might slow me down a little bit in my outdoor endeavors.

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