What am I Missing?

     I don’t know what season of "Lost" this is, I can’t name one person who is in this season’s "Survivor" and I had no clue there was a show about the Playboy Mansion on television.  I pick up a People Magazine and I barely recognize a single person in it.  What is wrong with me?

     I am so out of touch on all of these topics because we chose to get rid of any television programming a few years ago.  We thought we would have people record our favorite "Survivor" series or rent them on Netflix but they never come out. I’m sure they have been entertaining as I have loved to watch folks battle it out in the past.  But I guess I’m too busy with my own battles to watch tv.

     Sometimes I think all of the reality tv shows are making people out of touch with reality.  Folks watch people on tv, follow their every move on Twitter and google them until they feel intimate.  Meanwhile their families and friends grow more distant.  Some people don’t think anything of watching a 2 hour Season Finale about complete strangers on television but when it comes to calling their mom or visiting with a friend they don’t have time. Rush here, rush there as long as I am home by o’blank thirty to plop my butt on the couch in time for "whatever show I’m currently digging" then I’m Golden.

     Maybe that’s why some people feel more empty than others?  I don’t have all of those people on television to relate with and live through vicariously.  There’s no "team" I’m rooting for in the NFL, NHL or NBA.  Me and ABC have absolutely no connection.  I have no clue what Demi Moore or her husband(or their publicists) are saying for them on Twitter.  I need to get a life, a new identity, new friends and possibly a new family.

     As I sit with my husband and two children in a fishing boat this weekend I’ll have to ponder what I am missing.