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     I’ve had the opportunity to visit Wenonah first hand and it was an awesome experience.  We learned so much about the canoe making process and were very impressed at the amount of work and detail that goes into each canoe.  After we finished our tour we told them they should offer tours for everyone.  Now through a television show they will be able to do just that.  Don’t miss it!

Wenonah Canoe Inc. hosted the production team for the popular T.V. program “How It’s Made” in June 2008. The How It’s Made producers filmed the step-by-step process of how a Wenonah Kevlar® Ultra-Light canoe is built by hand. After 10 hours of filming in the Winona, MN facility, the crew had the shots necessary for a four and a half minute segment detailing the construction of a Kevlar® Ultra-Light canoe. The filming wrapped up at owner Mike Cichanowski’s river house where some of the crew experienced first hand paddling a Wenonah Canoe on the Mississippi River.

“It was a very unique experience”, said owner Mike Cichanowski, “it’s not every day you get the chance to host a nationally recognized television production team.”

How It’s Made 5, episode 25 will premier on Friday, February 20th, 2009 at 8 pm CST on the Science channel. The show will rerun on Monday, February 23, at 3pm CST. The show will also air on the Discovery Channel at future dates to be determined. Multiple reruns will air on both channels, and scheduling can be found on their website.

How It’s Made TV Schedule

About How It’s Made.
How It’s Made is produced in Quebec, Canada by Productions MAJ, Inc. The show is a documentary program showing how common, everyday items are manufactured. An offscreen narrator explains each process in a simplified formate. Each half hour show usually has three or four main segments, with each product getting a demonstration of about five minutes.

About Wenonah Canoe, Inc.
Wenonah Canoe was founded in 1968 by Mike Cichanowski through his passion for paddling. The first production canoes met the marketplace while Mike was completing college. In 1999 Wenonah Canoe completed the acquisition of Current Designs Kayaks. This acquisition created a company that had paddling solutions for all of the world’s waters. Wenonah Canoe remains the largest paddlesports manufacturer still owned and directed by its founder. The Wenonah and Current Designs brands are exclusively distributed through nearly 500 world-wide specialty retailers. The company mission remains unchanged since its founding, “to produce the finest canoes and kayaks ever made”. www.wenonah.com

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