Wear It

Even though we aren’t paddling up here this time of the year there are other people paddling in other places.  This past week there were a number of deaths that may have been prevented had the paddlers been wearing their life vests.  A kayaker paddling in a stream in Hawaii died after capsizing.  In Massachuesetts a search continued for a man who was out canoeing and wasn’t wearing a life vest.  A kayaker’s body was found on the shore of the Potomac River without a life vest on.   A canoe overturned in some rapids in Pennsylvania and a 19 year old man drown because he was not wearing a life vest.  Wearing a life vest is especially important when paddling in cold waters because hypothermia can happen quickly.  If you become unconscous while wearing a flotation device then at least rescuers have a better chance of finding you in time to help you.  If they don’t find you in time to save you then at least they will hopefully be able to recover your body and give your friends and family some peace of mind.  Do yourself and your loved ones a favor and wear your life vest the next time you  head out onto the water.