We’ve Got the Best Cross-Country Ski Trails

     Despite the fact I haven’t skiied too many other places than in Cook County I have always thought our ski trails were awesome. While in Hayward, Wisconsin for a hockey tournament I did a little cross-country skiing.  I skiied on the famous Birkibeiner Trail and while it was nice, it didn’t compare to our trails.  

     The Birkebeiner Ski Trail is wider than the Gunflint Trail, the Highway. I didn’t get to ski too much of the trail because there weren’t any loops that I coud take off of it.  I had to ski in one way and out the same way, not my favorite type of trail.  I also had to cross 3 roads in the short distance I skiied and I really don’t like to take my skis off that many times, I’d prefer not to do it at all. 

     I guess other folks feel the same way about our cross-country ski trails in Cook County.   Two men with way more cross-country skiing experience think we’ve got the best trails around.

Sugarbush Trail News

Reidar Straete and Arne Roheim from the Hamar Ski Klubb in Hamar,
Norway recently skied the Sugarbush trails. This is Arne’s second time
skiing the Sugarbush trails and the Picnic Loop is his favorite. Arne
says "the Sugarbush trails are the best that I’ve skied on in the U.S. I
enjoy being able to kick and glide most of the trails. They are well
laid out. " Arne and Reider have skied marathons all over the World and
will be skiing the American Birkebeiner race on February 23 in Hayward,

Go to our website at www.sugarbushtrail.org to see a photo of Reidar
and Arne.