Walk in the Woods on a Windy Day

It’s always a great time to go for a hike but especially so when it’s windy outside. Inside the protection of pine trees the wind is only evident by a slight swaying at the top of the trees. When it’s cold outside and windy then it’s a really fine time to walk in the woods.

Apparently I’m not the only one who likes to hike. The waysides along the North Shore and the trailheads on the Gunflint Trail have no shortage of vehicles parked at them.  The Sawtooth Mountains haven’t begun their transformation but when they do the leaf lookers will be out in droves and the trails will be filled with people.

Fall hiking is especially pleasurable due to the lack of bugs. I prefer to hike in areas that aren’t busy.  Most trails north/east of Grand Marais see far fewer visitors then those south/west of Grand Marais. Of course the farther up the shore you travel the fewer hikers you will see. The farther in you hike on a trail the fewer people you will see too.

When it’s too windy to paddle then it’s usually a good time to go hiking. But then again, it’s almost always a good time to go hiking.

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