Voyageur Pets

Our long time guests have enjoyed being greeted by Ambri and Jasper over the years.  After thirteen seasons of welcoming friends and family Ambri is no longer with us.  Jasper is still here moving slowly but enjoying winter nonetheless.   Jasper and Ambri have been great pets to have and are big dogs at around 100 pounds.  They were born to pull and run since they are half Husky and half Samoyed.     We have had alot of good times with Jasper and Ambri and it’s always difficult to see a pet grow old and pass away.  I remember one time while skijoring behind them I made record time from our place to the Canadian Side of Sag while they chased after snowmobiles at high speed.  We hiked the Kekakabik Hiking Trail from Ely to the Gunflint Trail with them while they helped carry their food and gear in woofer packs on their backs.  They have accompanied us on many boat rides, hikes, snowshoe treks, runs, bike rides and canoe trips  They have swam across the river after us when they have been left behind from cleaning across the river.  They have traveled many miles of the area unattended after escaping from their kennel or leash.  They have kept bears away from camp, howled with the wolves, and provided endless hours of companionship to us.  We really miss Ambri and will miss Jasper when he passes on as well.  We have introduced Rugby to our family and look forward to having him with us for many years.  Rugby is a little King Charles Cavalier Spaniel who will maybe weigh 15 pounds.  I don’t think I will be skijoring behind Rugby, nor will he pull the kids around on the sled, but he may enjoy being the one taken for the ride. The other day Jasper was trying to teach Rugby a few things about outside and snow.  I think Jasper realized Rugby is not a snow dog and he is certainly not his sister, but he seems to appreciate the companionship of another Voyageur dog. 

<%image(20060224-jasperrugby.jpg|250|202|Jasper and Rugby)%>