Voyageur Crew Profiles- Joe & Tony

Joe and Tony didn’t come to Voyageur together but they were both here last year so I decided to pair them up for the purpose of this blog only.

Voyageur on the Gunflint Trail
Tony routing a BWCA trip

Tony is back for his third summer at Voyageur Canoe Outfitters but his first summer without his best friend Hannah. Hannah is spending the summer in the state of New York working at a camp as part of her education and we miss her dearly.

We are super lucky to have Tony here for another summer because his enthusiasm and positive attitude are contagious. I remember when he left for school at the end of last summer it was like I was suffering withdrawals from a drug. This year I need to tape record him walking into the office saying, “Good Morning Suzy Q., how are you this morning?”

Tony is from East Troy, Wisconsin and is in his last year at Winona State. He’s majoring in business and adventure tourism so he is right where he needs to be at Voyageur.  He does a little bit of everything at Voyageur including packing trips, working in the office and driving tow boat. When he isn’t working he loves to go paddling, camping, fishing or mountain biking. His favorite lake in the BWCA is Lake of the Clouds and his favorite route is Cross Bay to Little Sag to Round Lake. He wants to visit Kawnipi Lake this summer and his favorite piece of camping gear is his french press coffee maker.

Joe is from Topeka, Kansas and spent last winter working out at Vail. We were thrilled when he said he was coming back for another summer at Voyageur. He does a great job with guests, towing, cleaning and he either never complains or I just never hear him complain. He’s easy to have around and will tackle any task we ask of him.

Boundary Waters outfitter
Voyageur Crew Joe

He likes to paddle, camp and fish and his favorite route is through the Cross River. He loves Ottertrack Lake and wants to visit Duncan and Rose Lake this summer. His favorite piece of camping gear is a water filter and he’s looking forward to taking a week long Quetico Park trip in September with three older brothers.

When Joe grows up he wants to live comfortably and Tony wants to be happy. I don’t think either of them will have a problem accomplishing their goals and if they struggle then they could always just live happily ever after at Voyageur.

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