Voyageur Crew of Old and New

     Over the years of owning Voyageur we have met a number of wonderful people.  Of course our guests are great but we don’t get to know them as intimately as we do our Voyageur Crew.  We love it when these past crew members come back to go out on their own canoe trips, visit us and we especially love it when they come back to lend a hand.

     This past week Jessica and Sheri were back at Voyageur.  They don’t miss a beat when they step back in at Voyageur, it’s like they had never left.  They pick up right where they left off and are capable of issuing permits and fishing licenses with new systems that I’m not even capable of doing yet.  They know the cash register, how to enter inventory into the POS and can process reservations.  I’m not sure how they know how to do all of this when even I struggle. 

     The best thing about having them back is their willingness to do whatever needs to be done.  Whether it’s cleaning a cabin, helping in the kitchen or working in outfitting they are happy to serve with a smile.  Their flexibility and easy going personalities allow them to mix with the new staff like they had been with us the entire summer. 

     The only complaint I have is that they can’t stay longer. We are never ready for them to go and it’s always difficult to see them leave. The only good thing is I know they will return. It isn’t to visit me or because of the great food(well that doesn’t hurt), but because of the new Voyageur Crew.  They meet new staff, develop friendships and want to return to work and play with them.  It’s a wonderful thing and the Voyageur Crew of Old and New are wonderful too.