Volunteering to Get Outside

     It feels good to volunteer and it feels great to be outside so it must be an awesome feeling when you’re outside and volunteering.  The DNR has some volunteer opportunities they are offering in Minnesota.  Check them out!

Take a deep breath and jump into action!

with the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (DNR) this spring!


Be a steward of the outdoors and volunteer with us!


The newest DNR volunteer opportunities are now posted on our website!


What types of volunteer positions are listed for this spring? 

  • Scientific and Natural Area Brush Removal – March 24, April 21, May 26
  • Search for the Rare MN Dwarf Trout Lily, April – May
  • Frog and Toad Calling Survey, April – July (3 evenings)
  • Kite Flying Event – May 26
  • State Park Open House – June 9
  • Fishing Events – June 15 & 16
  • Prairie Restoration Training – June 16 & Aug 25
  • Loon Monitoring, June 29 – July 8 (one morning)
  • Be a Campground Host in a State Park or State Forest
  • MN Breeding Bird Atlas
  • Bluebird Monitoring
  • Scanning and Transcribing CCC Historical Materials
  • Planting Trees on the North Shore
  • Become a Volunteer Safety Instructor (ATV, Firearms, Bowhunter, Snowmobile, Wildlife Species)
  • Be a Marina Host on Lake Superior (summer)
  • Minnesota Master Naturalist Training

      Check them out to see what you might get involved in!

Click on the geographic region listed under Volunteering Opportunities to find the volunteer positions available in your part of the state.  Individuals, families, and groups are welcome to participate! Children under the age of 14 must be under adult supervision to volunteer.


 Meet Our Volunteers who are already having great experiences outdoors with the Minnesota DNR!