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Lake levels, loons or luminaries? These are just a few of the things involved with the plethora of volunteer opportunities with the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources. You can monitor lake levels, record the number of loons you see on your lake or light luminaries for a candlelight ski or snowshoe. Like to take photos? Here’s your chance to photograph some Scientific and Natural Areas in Minnesota. Check out the website for more ways you can help the Minnesota DNR.

SNA Nature Photographers

(NE MN and Statewide)

Love taking photos and wish you could devote more time to it? We’ll give you the chance!  Volunteer to take a collection of winter photos of Scientific and Natural Areas (SNAs) located primarily in the northeastern region of Minnesota to increase awareness and appreciation for the natural diversity found there.

Winter photography of SNAs includes:

  • Images of native plant communities, native plants, native wildlife, signs of wildlife, or events held there.
  • Photos from multiple locations, panoramas, and macro photography.
  • Photos of people on SNAs (snowshoeing, skiing, attending an event, etc.).
  • Uploading photos to the SNA Flickr group.
  • Documenting each photo by title, tags, and content following Flickr guidelines.

Whether you’re an amateur or professional photographer skilled in nature photography, we invite you to share your skills with us.

SNA locations to take photos:

  • Hovland Woods
  • Spring Beauty Northern Hardwoods
  • Myhr Creek Ridge
  • Sugarloaf Cove
  • Butterwort Cliffs
  • Iona’s Beach
  • Black Lake Bog
  • McGregor Marsh
  • West and East Rat Root River Peatlands
  • Any other SNA’s in the northeastern region or state would be welcome!

For more information on being an SNA nature photographer, contact either
Bryonna Persing in Eveleth at 218-735-3962, email bryonna.persing@state.mn.us  OR
Kelly Randall in St Paul at 651-259-5070, email kelly.randall@state.mn.us

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