Veteran Crew Members

     It seems odd to call some of our crew veterans, it doesn’t even sound right.  But with this being Andy’s 5th Season at Voyageur and Adam’s 4th I guess you could call them that. 

     Andy or Andrew Spaeth is from Montevideo, Minnesota and came to Voyageur right after graduating from High School.  He recently graduated from Bemidji State University with a B.S. in Environmental Studies.  It’s been so fun having him as part of the Voyageur Crew for all of these years.  He’s an incredible person who does things at Voyageur as if he owned it; exactly what a business owner looks for in a quality employee.  It doesn’t matter if he’s on the clock or not, when he sees something that needs to be done then he does it right then and there.  He’ll be heading to St. Paul soon to work as the MSUSA State Chair but we’re hoping he’ll head back to graduate school and take summers off so he can work with us some more.  When asked what his favorite thing to do while camping he said he likes to fish.  Where he likes to sleep when out in the Boundary Waters is beneath the stars and his favorite BWCA trekking shoe is the Chaco.  They’ll be some big Chacos to fill when Andy leaves.

     Adam Maxwell aka Grizzly Adam is from Crystal Lake, Illinois.  He had been on trips through Voyageur and just happened to be ending one when we found ourselves in need of an employee.  Adam volunteered and has been with us ever since.  He’s a great guy who is very fun to have around and almost always has a smile on his face.  He loves to fish, camp and spend time in the woods and even thru-hiked the Kekekabik Trail this Spring.  He’s a jack of all trades at Voyageur working in outfitting, lakefront, cleaning, towing and doing whatever else we need done at the moment.  We’re grateful we found ourselves in need of an employee way back when or we may never had hired Adam.  He loves to fish while out camping, likes to sleep in a hammock and his shoe of choice are what else but Chacos.  We’re hoping Adam will continue to be a part of the Voyageur crew for years to come.