Vacation at Voyageur

     There’s still plenty of time to plan a vacation this summer.  We have openings in our lodge units and cabins throughout the rest of August as well as in September and October.  We would love to have you come and spend some time in the quiet northwoods where you can get away from it all.

     I recently stayed at a resort near Brainerd, Minnesota so Josh could attend hockey camp.  I was excited to stay there since it was on a lake and in the country.  It didn’t take long for me to realize that I would much rather stay at my place than at a big resort in central Minnesota. 

     I was hoping for a little rest and relaxation during my vacation.  Unfortunately the building I stayed in was built so poorly I could hear the conversation taking place upstairs as if they were sitting in my room.  I was in a ground level unit with a deck up above and stairs outside of my room with constant traffic going up and down.  I couldn’t see the stars or the meteor shower because of all of the lights in the parking lot and on the buildings.  The lake was shallow, weedy and left a strange odor on the children’s skin.   Speed boats and fishing boats of all shapes and sizes buzzed by all day long.  There were cigarette butts and garbage strewn about the property and not a smile to be found on any of the employee’s faces. 

     I would prefer to vacation at Voyageur.  The water in the river is cool and clean enough to drink.  Our cabins are private and well-built.  The stars are the lights you will see when you’re outside and the noises you will hear will be the birds and loons.  Your phone won’t ring, the maids won’t bother you and you will be greeted with a smile.  

     I would love for everyone to experience a vacation at Voyageur.  We have our Water’s Edge Cabin open this week and we invite you to come and stay with us.  It’s difficult for me to leave when I know I would rather be at home in the northwoods and I know you will feel the same way after you experience it.