There are days like today when there is so much to do that I prefer to just do nothing at all.  It’s as if the "To Do Lists" paralyze me because instead of looking at the next step, I look at the project as a whole.  It’s like downhill skiing when you should just ski what’s right in front of you, not the entire hill. 

      Where to start is the difficult part because you know no matter what you start you’ll never get it all done. It’s kind of like the laundry.  Just when you think all of the clothes are clean, you go to put the hamper back and see someone has already thrown a shirt or a pair of socks where the hamper should be.  Don’t forget the clothes on your back because those too will be dirty in no time.  It’s a never ending cycle.

     So I’ll just say, "It was 8 below zero this morning and there’s a Blue Jay at my bird feeder."  Now I’m done, right?