Two Canadian Lynx Spotted

     You gotta love it when the forecast is right for once, especially if you like the snow that was forecasted.  It’s been snowing off and on for a few days now and it’s accumulated quite nicely at the end of the Gunflint Trail.  I’m not sure how many inches we’ve received but it was enough to plow and shovel so it’s a good 4-8 inches anyway.

     It was enough snow to prompt Mike to take the kids on a snowmobile ride.  They decided to take the Gunflint Trail snowmobile trail down to Gunflint Pines and then the Canadian trails and lakes back to our place.  The kids said the trail was a bit bumpy because it hasn’t been groomed more than a couple of times on our end.  It’s quite rocky so the groomers want lots of snow before they come all of the way to the end.

     Of course closer to Gunflint Lake the trail was in much better shape having been just groomed.  The lake riding was good and the Canadian Trails were fantastic.  A trail pass is required to snowmobile up on the Canadian side and it’s $200 for a week or $300 for a season.  It seems like they put their money to work by grooming often.

     While on the Canadian trails they spotted not one but two Canadian Lynx sitting on the trail.  We’ve seen them before when we’ve been snowmobiling and they act so nonchalant.  They get off of the trail in a hurry but then saunter into the woods hanging around as if they are curious.   They are such beautiful animals.  Mike and the kids didn’t have a camera but they were able to enjoy seeing the lynx and snowmobiling on the fresh fallen snow.