Triple Green

     I thought AAA was the only show on the road.  It turns out there’s a greener way of getting roadside assistance and travel services. 

Think auto clubs don’t know Jack about the Earth?

The Bite
On the green front, Better World Club actually gives a Kerouac. It’s the only socially responsible, eco-friendly roadside assistance and travel club in the United States. Offering all the services of the conventional auto clubs with none of the car-related guilt, BWC’ll fix your flat tire, offset your carbon use, and get you a great deal on a hybrid rental, all at the same price or less as the big guys. It’s pretty much got all the other clubs Beat.

Company Background
Just six years old with a shade fewer than 25,000 members, Better World Club isn’t the biggest auto club in the nation – but it’s certainly the greenest. As a political activist, BWC President Mitch Rofsky was approached by eco-minded friends who wanted the big auto clubs to care about issues like clean air and mass transit. He saw an opportunity to compete and founded BWC, which has been helping green drivers (and bikers) get where they need to be since 2002. (BTW, its free monthly newsletter, Kicking Asphalt, offers eco-tips and discounts.) How novel.

Why Care?

  • Nationwide, 24-7 roadside assistance.
  • When you enroll in its auto insurance (not available in all states), BWC will offset one ton of your carbon for free.
  • BWC donates 1% of revenues to environmental restoration and advocacy.
  • Members get free maps and discounts on hybrid rental cars, green hotels, and eco-travel (as well as the standard hotels and cars).
  • In most areas, membership is cheaper than AAA. And if not, BWC will match its price.
  • New members receive $40 in gas rebates just for signing up.
  • The company invented the nation’s only bicycle roadside assistance.
  • Biter exclusive: Join Better World Club now and receive 10% off.


Keeping It Real
When you call BWC’s magic number for roadside assistance, don’t expect to see a biodiesel tow truck show up – they will send the closest truck, regardless of green cred. Rofsky recognizes the company needs to get bigger – much bigger – to have the clout to get the auto shops and towing companies they use to go green. It’s all a matter of time (and new members).