Trail Trash

Every Spring members of the Gunflint Trail Association hit the ditches to clean up the Gunflint Trail.  The Trail sparkles like new and the site of litter is rare.  Then the vehicles start traveling the Trail, some are locals hauling garbage to their dumpster, others are anglers trailering their boat to their favorite fishing spot, yet some are just wildlife watching or out for a drive.  Whatever the reason for traveling the Trail it is important to remember to keep it clean.  Most people who come to the Gunflint Trail do not intentionally litter.  I know from my own experience I have lost garbage or cardboard from my truck that has made it’s way into the ditch.  Even though I stop to pick it up I still feel bad about it and the impression it has on someone else’s experience.  One thing I don’t think anglers are aware of is that when they leave the boat landing their garbage may be stuck to the carpet or bottom of their boat, but after driving a few miles the garbage dries up and flies out of the boat.  When walking the roads I am constantly finding used fishing line, tackle packaging, bailers, and other fishing garbage.  If we all try to think of ways to keep the Trail clean, then it won’t be so much work in between.