Trail Traffic

     This time of the year the Gunflint Trail seems to get busier and busier with traffic.  I’m afraid we didn’t plan for this type of traffic during the Ham Run Half Marathon and 5k Fun Run this Sunday.

     The wildlife is making tracks all over the Gunflint Trail this time of the year.  Two moose have taken up residence at our stop sign on Sag Lake Trail and have adhered particularly well to the law.  There must have been a significant amount of salt dumped during the winter and they have been enjoying cleaning it up with their tongues as they kneel on their haunches in the road.    


  The deer are particularly active this spring and they seem to make a game of bounding across the Scenic Byway of the Gunflint Trail.  You can see them eating in the ditch as you approach them and as soon as they hear the car they begin.  With ears perked and muscles ready they spring into the roadway and seem to say, "Na-na-na-na-na-na you can’t hit me."  They mock you as you hit the breaks and then they leap out of the way at the last minute.

     There are other wildlife out on the Gunflint Trail this time of the year too.  Yesterday a lone wolf sauntered across the road paying no particular attention to my vehicle.  A red fox danced across the traffic lanes before disappearing into the grass of the ditch.  The ducks are swimming in the ditches, robins are swooping out of trees, grouse are drumming on the roadside and wildlife traffic is out of control on the Gunflint Trail.

     I’m afraid we haven’t planned for this type of traffic on the Gunflint Trail for this weekend’s events.  I sure hope the wildlife will pay attention to the signs we put up for Sunday’s Race.