Trail Center

Anyone who travels the Gunflint Trail should stop and eat at Trail Center.  Unless you are planning to come between now and the end of December.  They have closed their doors until after Christmas and we locals are sure to starve to death with them not being open.  It is the best place to eat on the Trail and they normally close for one month, sometime after deer hunting and open again before Christmas.  This year they had a few projects they wanted to get started on and so we are suffering.  I love to eat out and we usually go there once a week.  They have the best wild rice, hash browns, ribs, burgers, and malts that you can imagine.  Unfortunately they do not make their malts in the winter; their machine needs a break after the long summer.  They will begin serving malts again in the summer; they close for a month in the Spring too, usually April.  Let’s hope it is only a month, or even better yet, hope they don’t close at all!