Trail Babies

There have been a number of babies born this year to people associated with the Gunflint Trail and me.  On January 17th my good friend Karla had a baby girl named Katherine.  Karla and her husband Tim operate the Gunflint Wilderness Camp across the river from us in the summer.   A past employee of Voyageur, Alison Sakry, now LaTourell, and her husband Bob welcomed their new daughter Grace into this world on the 1st of March.  A friend who used to work on the Gunflint Trail and now lives in Grand Marais gave birth to yet another girl on the 3rd of March.  Theresa and Kyle Oberg are excited to have Amery as a new addition to their family.  Jonathon Rova used to work at Wilderness Canoe Base but now lives in town with his wife Nancy.  They welcomed a baby boy named Paavo into their lives this year as well.  Congratulations to everyone and let’s hope it wasn’t anything in the water!

<%image(20060303-grace.jpg|300|225|Grace LaTourell)%>