Tracks on the Gunflint Trail

Along with the tracks I like to leave in fresh snow are the tracks of all of the wilderness critters who live up here.  It is always fun to drive the Gunflint Trail after a fresh snow and see where the moose have been coming out of the woods to lick the salt.  Before the plow comes to erase the tracks of our fox friends we can see just how far they have travelled the trail and which way they are headed.  When snowshoeing or snowmobiling near open water you can sometimes see otter slides.  The otter will run for a good distance before sliding across the snow on his stomache leaving a deep channel in the snow.  The cross-country ski trails are covered with deer tracks around Gunflint Lake as well as wolf scat.  The wolves have been keeping the deer herd on their toes and occasionally will find a slow one.  Along many of the trails you can see piles of deer fur and remains the wolves have left behind.  Every track has a story to tell as long as you take the time to read it.