Too Much To Do and Rugby’s Adventure

     I’m not sure if it’s the spring like temperatures but something is making me think the upcoming canoeing season is closer than it is.  I should know better since I’m still planning for Mush for a Cure  and at the same time I’m planning for the Ham Run Half-Marathon that isn’t until May. There’s just so many things on my mind lately that it is starting to scramble.

     I’ve been busy with other non-Voyageur related items and I think it’s taking its toll.  At least most of the other things are related so that should help.  I went to the Kid’s First presentation on Monday and that’s got me focusing more on my PTA duties such as the Book Fair next week and an email newsletter I sent out to parents yesterday.  Then there’s a grant for healthy kids that I applied for and had to listen to a presentation/go to meeting yesterday afternoon.  I also went to a Community Center meeting and am happy that process seems to be moving forward once again.  It’s all kind of community related with the focus on kids first.  Of course there was the EMT test which I’m happy to report both Mike and I passed and are now not just First Responders but EMT’s.  

     Then there’s the kids and their basketball, hockey, church and school schedules.  It’s no wonder my brain isn’t functioning properly.  Here’s a reason I know it isn’t working right.

     Yesterday before I went to town I wanted to wash my car.  I wanted to just go through the automated one but it wasn’t open so I went to the do it yourself one.  I get it much cleaner anyway.  I scrubbed and sprayed with Rugby watching from the inside like a little kid.  When I was finished I opened up the garage door, backed the car out, put the car in park, exited my vehicle leaving the door open and went back inside to close the garage door.

     With thoughts running through my head I decided I should place a phone call before I got out of range.  We have about 10 minutes of talk time before we lose connection on the Gunflint Trail.  So I was chatting away, driving and then as usual I lost signal.  It dawned on me at that moment that Rugby wasn’t on my lap.  I called his name, patted my lap and no Rugby appeared from the back seat.  I then pulled over, turned around and inspected the entire inside of my Subaru(not big enough to lose a dog inside of).  Rugby was no where to be seen.

     I quickly headed back into town and as soon as I got cell coverage I called Mike who was still in town.  The conversation went a little like this.

"Hey Mike? Could you go over to the car wash and see if Rugby is over there?"  

"What? Why would he be over there?"

"I guess he jumped out of the car when I went back in to close the garage door and didn’t realize he wasn’t in the car."

"Hmmm, I’ll go check."

     Rugby wasn’t at Subway, wasn’t at the laundromat, wasn’t at the car wash but he was inside the Tire and Auto Lodge to greet Mike when he checked there.  I don’t know who was more relieved, the owner of the Auto Lodge, Mike or Rugby.  Mike called to let me know he had found Rugby, luckily not adhered to the pavement of Highway 61.

     I think I might need to defrag my brain because something in there isn’t quite right.  Lets hope I can get it straightened out without a hard re-boot to the head! For Rugby’s sake at least.