To Clean or Not to Clean

     I’m not talking about whether or not to clean my house because that choice should be obvious to all of my readers.  I just told you the other day how I have no time to clean.  What I am referring to is one of our Lodge Units.

     We have one of them booked for this weekend but the other one is open.  I don’t have time to clean it the next couple of days so I either do it now or never.  Never in this instance means next week.  If I don’t clean it then my guess is we will get a call or email from someone who wants to book it for the weekend. 

     If I do clean the lodge unit then my guess is it will stay empty for the weekend.  So here’s the deal.  I will clean the lodge unit today if you will call and book it so the above does not come true. It will sparkle and be comfortable for your weekend stay. 

     Our lodge units are beautiful and have gas fireplaces in the living room to keep you nice and cozy.  There’s a whirlpool bath tub in the loft so you can relax at the end of the day or whenever you want.  The lake trout are biting on Saganaga, the cross-country ski trails are in great shape, you can snowshoe on our path across the river(or anywhere you like) and you can have a quiet vacation.

     All of this can happen this weekend at Voyageur Canoe Outfitters.  And, for a special deal we’ll even let you shovel the deck if it snows.  Most of the folks in Minnesota haven’t been able to partake in this fun wintertime activity.  I enjoy it but will gladly let someone else do it.

     So, here I go to clean the unit.  I know as soon as I walk out of the door the phone is going to ring off of the hook and Mike is going to be shocked with all of the lodge unit inquiries.  My fingers are crossed!