Tired of Laundry?

     2 kids + 1 husband + 1 resort= WAY TOO MUCH Laundry!  Here’s what Idealbyte has to say about cutting down on your workload and about being good to Mother Earth.  Now if only I can get my kids and my husband to read this…

 Are you a-wear that you’re sporting a distressed look?

The Bite
Try washing your clothes less often. Unless you’re a dirty, dirty Biter, tossing your duds in the machine every time you change (underwear not included) just beats them up.

The Benefits

  • More freedom from fraying. Washing and drying less often keeps your duds looking newer, longer.
  • Less natural deterioration. Petrochems in conventional laundry detergents can harm fish and human health after they go down the drain, so the less we use, the better.
  • Less wear on your wallet. A load of laundry costs about $1.50 to do at home – with the price of gas these days, it all adds up.
  • More time for anything else. Less time spent doing your laundry means more time for activities you actually like…such as reading past tips.
  • If 10,000 Biters wash one less load per week, in a year we’ll save enough water to fill 31 Olympic-size swimming pools.

Personally Speaking
Jen recommends giving your clothes a quick look-see for stains before you hang them up after a day of wear – especially if you’re like she is and tend to wear a lot of what you ate that day.

Wanna Try?

  • Put away "clean-enough" clothes right after wearing to keep them from rumpling and mixing with the truly unwearable stuff.
  • Hang already-worn items outside or near a window to air out, or in the bathroom while you shower to steam out light wrinkles.
  • Laundress Fabric Fresh – four freshening fragrances, including a nice, woodsy Cedar. Also: Crease Release de-wrinkler ($6/2 ounces).
  • DIY Bite: Pack some potpourri into envelopes or fabric sachets, and put them in your closet, dresser, or suitcase to up the freshness quotient