Time and Mother Nature

    The old cliché, "Only time will tell," can be adjusted to say, "Only time and Mother Nature will tell," in the case of the fires on the Gunflint Trail.  Another saying, "One day at a time," can be changed to "One forecast at a time."  In any case, and no matter how you want to say it, we’re playing a waiting game with the Famine and Red Eye Fires.    

<%image(20060916-trailsmokesmall.jpg|150|225|BWCA Fires)%>

   We’re waiting.  Waiting for the most current forecast.  Waiting for the smoke to clear.  Waiting to see if it will rain.  Waiting for personnel to arrive.  Waiting for the clouds to lift.  Waiting to see which direction the wind will blow, for how long, and how hard.  Waiting, waiting, and more waiting is all we can really do.

     If Mother Nature is kind and brings rain, cooler temperatures, high humidity, and low winds then the fire will no doubt calm down and be easily controlled.  If Mother Nature is cruel and brings sunshine, hot temperatures, and high winds then the fire will act up and no doubt make runs in all directions.  We think we are prepared for the worst and we are praying for the best as we wait for time and Mother Nature to decide.