Think About It

     There are so many ways to cut back on trash and the holidays are a perfect time to try it.  Try to think about as many ways you can cut back on trash this holiday season.  I would love to get more ideas and post them on my blog in a list form, so please e-mail me.

     In the meantime think about how you can cut back on the waste you produce.  Consider wrapping your gifts in cloth bags that can be re-used for grocery shopping or other gifts.  Paper gift bags are great too and if you must use paper then how about using magazines or newspapers?   When you are preparing for company to arrive you’ll no doubt be doing alot of cleaning.  Those new wipes and swiffers are convenient but think about the garbage they produce.  Grab an old towel or sheet and make re-usable cleaning cloths.  When you start to reach for a paper towel take a second to determine if a towel would do the trick. At the end of the day when you’re brushing your teeth think about the 50 million pounds of brushes that end up in landfills and by a toothbrush with a replaceable head. 

    These are just a few of the many ways to be greener, be sure to e-mail me with your ideas.  And for those of you who are coffee lovers here’s a good idea from Ideal Bite.

The Bite
Cut the junk by cutting your disposable cup habit. Instead of a foam or paper cup, sip your daily dose out of your own travel mug if you are on the go, or ask the café for a "to stay" mug if you have a few minutes to hang.

  • The Benefits                             
  • Cutting waste. If you purchase one cup of coffee every day in a disposable container, you create about 23 lb of waste each year.
  • Fewer noxious chems. Polystyrene (aka Styrofoam) can actually disrupt your hormones, and the chlorine used to bleach paper cups creates carcinogenic dioxins during production.
  • Saving cash. Many coffeehouses offer a small discount to customers who bring in their own reusable containers.
  • If 10,000 Biters bring their own mugs to the café, in a year we’ll avert the weight of 1,517 baristas in disposable-cup waste.