They’re Back!

The Eagle Cam and the eagles are back!

November 12, 2015 – EagleCam Goes Live
Ready, set, go!

The MNDNR EagleCam is now streaming live. Please note that we are experiencing some technical difficulties but are working diligently to get these resolved before activity picks up. Thank you for your continued patience.

Same pair?

Biologist have been able to get a good look at the leg band on the female Bald Eagle visiting the nest and have confirmed that it is the same female from the past years. Learn more about this eagle’s story. This is the fourth year DNR’s Nongame Wildlife program has streamed live video from a Bald Eagle nest in the Twin Cities metro area. Last year the first egg was laid on 19th or 20th of January, with all three being laid by the 25th of January. Stay tuned!

Watch the MNDNR EagleCam live at:

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