There’s Water on the Gunflint Trail Lakes

     The lakes on the Gunflint Trail are becoming less solid and more liquid by the day.  A drive up the Gunflint Trail yesterday showed liquid bays on Poplar lake but some ice still floating around.  Either the wind had pushed the big sheet of ice well out of sight on Gunflint Lake or its’ ice has gone as well.  There’s a liquid path on the corridor of Saganaga up to the Canadian side of the lake. There is still quite a bit of ice on the Canadian side of Saganaga and on the bigger part of the Minnesota side but it won’t be long at it will be all gone.

     The USFS reported the following update yesterday morning at 9:00am. Most lakes south and west of us are open as well as small round lakes and long skinny lakes in an east/west orientation. 

OPEN Lakes- Sawbill, Kawishiwi, Round, Gull, Hungry Jack, Swamper, Isabella, Perent, Little Sag, Long Island & Ogish

Mostly Open- Seagull, Gillis, Kekekabic, Cherokee, Knife, Poplar, Gunflint

Still More than 50% ice- Saganaga, Alton, Brule, Cache Bay

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     The walleye have been actively spawning in the Seagull River and our Voyageur Crew has enjoyed watching them.  Dana took a great underwater photo of these spawning beauties. Other photos are courtesy of the Quetico Park.

walleye spawning

Walleye Spawning

Cache Bay Ranger Station Quetioc Park

Cache Bay Ranger Station May 16th

Saganaga Lake BWCA

Saganaga Lake  May 16th

Quetico Park

Cache Bay