There’s Snow in the Forecast

     Now here’s something we haven’t seen in quite awhile, snow in the forecast!  While we’ve received some dustings of snow lately we haven’t had a good snowfall in quite awhile.  It would be awesome to receive a significant amount of snow again.

     While the woods and lakes are white with snow the trees are bare.  I love to look outside of my window and see the snow clinging to the branches of the trees. It’s still very picturesque outside but there’s always room for improvement.

     The birds and wildlife are no doubt enjoying this mild winter.  It’s much easier for the birds to find the seed they have spilled onto our deck and the wildlife has an easier time moving around the woods.  While I can’t say I want to go out and shovel the deck I will say I wouldn’t mind it.

     Let’s hope this forecast is right and we get some new snow on the Gunflint Trail this week!