The Life of a Dog

     Mike sometimes teases me about how much attention I give Rugby.  He says things like, "If I am ever reincarnated then I want to come back as your dog."  While I think he may be exaggerating I think there are probably some dogs here in California that people wouldn’t mind trading places with.

     On almost every street you’ll see a place for doing Yoga, eating Sushi and for pampering your dog.  There are dog washes, doggie daycares and grooming services galore.  You can take your pet to school, to the veterinarian and even to be cremated.  There’s the Holiday Pet Hotel in Encinitas where there’s outdoor play, exercise and even a doggy pool.  There are pet sitters, dog walkers and even a pet memorial park.  You can bring your dog to a salon, a spa and even a wellness center if you want.  There are places to take your dog for a pet massage, to have its picture taken or you can let the mobile pet shop come to you. 

     It isn’t unusual to see pets inside public buildings either.  Small dogs are being carried around inside of stores and I’ve even seen them inside of restaurants.  There are special beaches for dogs and some stores and restaurants have water bowls at their doors.  It’s definitely a dog’s world out here and if anyone thinks Rugby is spoiled then they should come to San Diego to see what spoiling is all about.  

     Mike may have been content to come back as my dog before we came to California but I think he sees the advantages of being a West Coast dog.  There are some very lucky dogs walking around and being carried around in California.  I’d settle for being treated like a dog if I was one of the lucky dogs who was able to go to the salon and spa for the day.  The life of a dog, how sweet it is.