The Good, The Bad, The Komen

    Mush for a Cure is making headlines again along with the Komen name.  Most of you remember the struggle we had last year with the Komen Foundation.  We had applied for a Trademark for our name and they did not want us to use anything with "for a cure" or "for the cure" in it. 

     They opposed the trademark and entered into a legal battle over the name of a non-profit raising money for breast cancer.  It was for a long-time Komen supporter a bit disheartening and shocking as well.  I couldn’t believe the size of their litigation budget or their top paid CEO’s salaries. 

     Luckily others had been in this situation before and were able to help me.  A pro-bono lawyer from New York City, a feature on NBC Nightly News and the Komen Foundation backed off of their opposition and let us have our name. 

     Unfortunately the Komen Foundation is back in the news again.  More shocking news, more disheartening feelings and a question mark in my head saying, "What’s Next?"


In case you missed last year’s news…


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