The Gimmees

After a quick trip to visit relatives in and around the Twin Cities for Thanksgiving, it is very nice to be home.  I again realized how fortunate I am to live at the end of the Gunflint Trail.  I really don’t know if I could go back to living in a city.  It seems as though I get a case of the "gimmees" every time I return to civilization.  The "gimmees" is a Berenstain Bear term that has been used to describe the bear cubs who want everything their friends have.   When I am exposed to how "real" people live I start to think I am lacking something.  The television and newspaper ads do not help matters by showing me everything I do not have.  These "real" people have a large home, garage(or three), nice furniture(not hand me downs ripped to shreds by a family cat), big screen televisions, a computer for each member of the family, beautiful clothes, expensive jewelery, toys galore, and they even get a new vehicle with a bow for Christmas.  WOW,  it is exhausting just thinking about everything I should have or could buy, or maybe need.  Then, after driving the Gunflint Trail and settling back into my home, I am reminded that what I have is enough for me.  I love my house, my yard, my friends, and my life at the end of the Trail and I wouldn’t change it for all of the mansions in the world.