The Eagle Hasn’t Landed

The nesting eaglets are testing their wings but haven’t flown from the nest yet. If you haven’t checked out the eagle cam then I urge you to do so. It is so neat to see them at such a close range. The nest next to Highway 61 is in plain view but you can’t see what is going on inside.  Take a peek, you’ll be glad you did.

May 14, 2015 – EagleCam Update

Up, Up, and Away

As many of you have already noticed, the eaglets have started to “branch.” Branching means they are moving onto branches neighboring the nest. Both are also exercising their wings, jumping and hovering over the nest, and will be soon taking their maiden flight. The camera cannot be zoomed out any further than it is.  In order to have a great close-up view, we had to sacrifice seeing the larger area around the nest.  We will pan the camera around from time to time when we are able, to provide a view of the nest as well as the branch above it.

Food on a string?

Many saw the eagles bring prey into the nest that appeared to be on a string or leash. Rest assured that the eagles did not bring someone’s beloved pet into the nest. Instead we were able to determine that the prey was a fish attached to a stringer. It isn’t likely that the eagles ‘stole’ the fish from an angler though… More likely the eagles found a dead fish that an angler had abandoned or lost accidentally.

EagleCam FAQs:

Q:  Why are the eaglets’ heads and tails not white?

A: The transition from their brown juvenile colors to their adult colors with a white head and tail takes four to five years. Here is some additional information describing this transition:

Q: How old are the eaglets?

A: The eaglets started to hatch on Feb. 24. This makes the eaglets approximately 11 weeks old as of this update.

Q: When will the eaglets start flying?

A: Eaglets typically make their first flight between roughly 10 to 13 weeks of age (so it could be any day now). They may hang around the nest and their parents for another one to two months.

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