The Cat Ate Josh’s Ice Skates

     It is difficult to believe I know but it really happened.  The cat ate Josh’s ice skates and part of his hockey bag.  Our house cat is tiny and almost 20 years old and and she’s not even part Canadian Lynx or Bobcat.  But the cat that ate the ice skates is part Arctic, Arctic Cat that is.

     Last week I told you Mike chose to snowmobile to town one day.  On that particular day he had to bring in Josh’s hockey stick and hockey bag because he had to bring Josh to Silver Bay for hockey practice.  Things went well and trails were great when Mike called to check in with me from Trail Center.

     However, just after Mike left Trail Center the bag slipped a bit and the track of the cat, the Arctic Cat, ate part of the bag and part of Josh’s skates.  Unfortunately the skates were eaten beyond use and Josh had to get a new used pair. 

     These skates worked pretty well as they helped his team to another First Place Finish in a tournament in Duluth, Minnesota this weekend.  Things turned out ok for Josh but Mike needs to keep a better eye on his cat and keep them away from Josh’s hockey skates or any skates for that matter.

My Rockstar Josh Prom

Silver Bay Hockey Victory