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   Thank Goodness It’s Monday!  I know that isn’t the way the saying normally goes but I am glad the weekend is over.  Mike and I returned from the Professional Paddlesport Association Conference on Thursday evening.  We awoke early Friday morning to get the kids on the bus and get ready for Abby’s slumber party for her 7th birthday.  The kids only had school until noon so Abby, Josh, and eight girls rode the school bus to our house.  It was nice out so the kids had a scavenger hunt outside, took turns hitting a piñata, and got rid of some of their energy.  Once inside we did the hokey pokey, limbo, bunny hop and had a dance contest.  Although I was getting tired the girls didn’t show any signs of giving up.   

    The party theme was "Camping In" so we put up a tent in the lodge, grabbed a bunch of sleeping bags and made a camp.  We had dinner, opened presents, played with Polly Pockets, ate cake, watched a movie and got ready for bed.  I was hoping the girls would be so tired they would drift off to sleep quickly.  Of course this wasn’t the case and I was reminded of my childhood as I trudged down my stairs for the umpteenth time well after midnight to tell the girls to go to sleep.  I could hear them whispering, "Shhhh, pretend your sleeping, Sue’s coming."     

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  I awoke around 5:00 AM to the alarm clock buzzing.  Mike had set it so he could go out deer hunting for the first time since the season had opened while we were away.  He hadn’t had time to get everything together on Friday so that morning he was running back and forth throughout the house.  On one of his trips through the house he let the dog into the lodge and Rugby proceeded to wake up four of the girls.  Josh woke up to Mike rummaging through his hunting gear and I thought I had him coaxed to go back to bed with Rugby.  I guess Josh decided he wasn’t sleepy anymore and before I could stop him he had all of the girls awake.  An early morning breakfast of pancakes was enjoyed by all before we made our way to town. 

     Their parents picked them up in town at Josh’s hockey practice and then I made my way back to the end of the Trail.  I had a great time with the girls and I love the energy and enthusiasm they have.  I was thinking about how much fun it would be to take them all on a camping trip as I drifted off to sleep for a long afternoon nap.