Temperatures on the Gunflint Trail

I was a bit surprised when I woke up yesterday morning and looked at the thermometer.  It read 16 degrees which meant that overnight the temperature had warmed up since it was near zero when I went to bed.  I thought it was odd since it was a clear night, but then I had heard we were suppose to get some snow, so the temperature made some sense.  When I opened the door to take Abby out to the bus I got that strange feeling in my nostrils of breathing in some very cold air.  Strange, it felt colder than 16 degrees.  When I checked my car thermometer I was quite surprised when the temperature read 16 below zero!  I guess when I first looked at our thermometer inside I wasn’t quite awake enough to read properly.  The temperature did warm up quite nicely throughout the day but I’ m not sure it ever made it up to 16 degrees, even with the sun shining brightly.  Finally some nice cold weather to make it feel like winter on the Gunflint Trail.