Technology and How You Use It

I remember using a rotary telephone, typewriter and a time when people didn’t have computers.  I started with a bag phone as a cell phone and now my cell phone is a computer too.  My kid’s have iPhones and I wish I would have never given them to them.

You think you are doing your kids a favor by giving them a cell phone. That it will make life easier and that they can self-regulate how much they use it and for what purposes.  How can someone send thousands of texts in a month yet only place 3 or 4 calls in an entire month?  Kids only know how to communicate via texting or snap chatting or through facebook.  And whose fault is it?

It’s my fault for allowing my kids to use and abuse technology.  I’ve listened to their excuses, “I need music to fall asleep.” “I use it for the alarm.”  “I have to have the calculator.” “I won’t use it during school.” Well, guess what? Being a parent isn’t a popularity contest and middle school kids aren’t that nice to their parents anyway.  I think it’s time to bring back the, “It’s for your own good.” saying and regulate how much technology they use.

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