Take a Kid Fishing

     This weekend is Take a Kid Fishing weekend in Minnesota and we’d love to see you fishing at Voyageur.  If you are a Minnesota resident then you can fish without a license June 8-10th as long as you are fishing with a youth under the age of 16.

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     Fishing is a great activity to introduce to young people.  It is a life long sport that anyone can participate and excel in no matter what their size, age or athletic ability.  It’s also a great way to spend time with a loved one.  Introduce someone to fishing this weekend and keep in mind the following tips from the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources.

Planning on fishing with a young person? Here are a few tips to get started:

– Keep it simple – A cane pole, live bait or canned corn, bobber, split shot and tiny hook make the perfect kid’s fishing rig.

– Look for action – Walleye, northern pike or smallmouth bass might be your preferred catch but to a kid, any fish is a trophy. Panfish are often the most cooperative and can usually be found near shore.

– Distractions – Pack a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, cookies or just a bag of crunchy granola. A pair of binoculars, bird books or even a bucket of minnows can delay the sound of "I wanna go home" for hours.

– Safety – Wear your lifejacket. Kids are great imitators, if they see you wearing a lifejacket, they’ll wear theirs. Be sure to pack band-aids, pliers, a handkerchief, sunscreen and raingear.

– Have fun – At its heart, fishing is about memories. So make them. Be willing to stop and turn over rocks, feed the ducks or just wander around looking for frogs. It doesn’t matter. Wonderful memories will be formed when you make fishing fun.

June 2-10 is also National Fishing and Boating Week. Boating information, fishing tactics, tips on equipment and safety, advice and stories from pro anglers is available online at www.boatusangler.com