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Sensational Sunset on the Seagull River

Absolutely stunning.  It was a cloudy evening and I didn’t expect there to be a good sunset because the sun wasn’t even peeking through the clouds. Then, with a just a few minutes before the sun was to dip beneath

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Walleye Spawn is On

While at Trail’s End Campground this weekend for the Ham Run I checked to see if the walleyes were spawning and they were! Stacked in the rapids like cord wood the walleyes were struggling to make their way up the

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Beautiful Weather on the Gunflint Trail

The sun has been shining brightly and the clouds have been scarce. It’s been absolutely gorgeous outside and on Sunday the temperature reached 71 degrees on the Gunflint Trail. With temperatures predicted to be in the 60’s the next few

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Loon Song

It won’t be long and we’ll be listening to the loons sing their songs. The Seagull River in front of Voyageur Canoe Outfitters is one of the first places we see open water in the spring. While it’s still frozen

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Quick Dip in the Seagull River

68 degrees, not a cloud in the sky and a brightly shining sun.  That was enough to entice the boys to take a quick dip into the Seagull River today in front of Voyageur.  With ice chunks floating past the

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Open Water Anyone?

Dark is good, light is not and I’m not talking about chicken meat.  I’m talking about the ice on the Seagull River and the other lakes of the Gunflint Trail and northern Minnesota. As you can see from the photos

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