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Quetico Park Fishing

While on a recent Quetico Park trip Josh supplied Chef Mike with 3 meals of delicious walleye for the family to enjoy!  

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Quetico Shoeless Man Strikes Again

Remember the man they found wandering the Quetico Park last year without shoes on? This year he was seen in the Boundary Waters with a fawn. Apparently he planned to eat it but he was too full.  Then he decided

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Voyageur Crew Member Cassidy

Cassidy is technically in her first year at Voyageur but since she is Matt’s partner and has gleaned a bunch of information from him she’s quite advanced. She spent the winter here with Matt and learned a ton about the

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Camping with Mike

I may be biased but my favorite person to go canoe camping with is Mike.  Most people love to spend time with Mike anywhere so it shouldn’t be surprising that anyone who has camped with him has thoroughly enjoyed themselves. 

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