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Happy Earth Day

I hope you are able to get outside to enjoy Earth Day. Take a hike, picnic in a park or go for a short paddle to celebrate the day.  Do something nice for our earth today. The Minnesota DNR recommends

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There’s an eagle’s nest alongside of Highway 61 not far from Grand Marais. You can’t miss seeing it in the winter because it is so large. I haven’t seen the eagles in it but then again I haven’t stopped to

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Wilderness Safety 101

Every day you can find an article where someone has gone missing in a wilderness area. Some are lucky and are found alive while others aren’t so lucky. Is it just luck or is there something that separates the survivors

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No More Ice on Saganaga

Yesterday afternoon no ice could be found on Saganaga Lake. That is the great news we have been waiting for. Other great news at the end of the Gunflint trail? Tiny moose tracks alongside bigger moose tracks means there’s a

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DNR- Mouth to Mouth with a Bear

Do Not Resuscitate. That’s one meaning of the three letters strung together but it also means Department of Natural Resources.  Sometimes I feel like I am critical of the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources in my blog posts and I

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Declining Moose Population Mystery Solved

The Minnesota Moose Mystery has been solved. The declining population is due to Big Foot and corn! I’m not a moose expert or moose researcher. I just really like to see moose on the Gunflint Trail. What I’m about to

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