Support the Breast Cancer Research Foundation

     Some of you know about my efforts to support the National Breast Cancer Research Foundation through the sales of my Pink Paddles.  You can always go to my website to learn more about Pink Paddles and how to help end the devastating disease of breast cancer. 

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   Whether or not you are familiar with Pink Paddles, it doesn’t really matter.  You can make a difference today just by visiting this website and taking two minutes to send an e-greeting card.  I personally had never sent an e-greeting card and I was able to accomplish the task in just minutes.  You can help the National Breast Cancer Foundation (NBCF) receive a donation of $200,000 from Bounty paper towels at no cost to you, personally.  Thank you for your support!

     Bounty is celebrating its 40th birthday by giving back to charities of your choice.  By simply going to the Bounty website ( and sending an e-card to someone special, you will be supporting NBCF.  We are being featured in Bounty paper towel commercials as part of a national campaign during September and October.  Additionally, think about how you can get your company and community involved through newsletters and emails.  The more cards that are sent the more Bounty will contribute to NBCF.  This contribution will help us fulfill our mission of providing education and free mammograms to underserved women.