Support the Banadad Trail Association

     I know there are many places you can give your money and time to but if you happen to have any extra then consider supporting the Banadad Trail Association.  This is a new group who is making sure visitors to the Gunflint Trail can enjoy the Banadad Trail for years to come.

     I love to ski the Banadad Trail that was built by the United States Forest Service during the summers of 1981 and 1982.  It’s purpose was to connect the Upper Gunflint Ski Trails to the Central ski trails.  It’s a 31 kilometer trail that meanders through the BWCA and passes through some amazing scenery. Unfortunately some of this amazing scenery lands on the trail from time to time and clearing of trails takes place continually.  The Minnesota Conservation Corps has helped numerous times otherwise it’s all volunteer work.
     The Banadad Trail Association is having their annual meeting on October 22 at 5:30pm.  That day volunteers and members will meet at 9am to do some trail clearing to work up an appetite for the potluck dinner at the meeting.  If you’re in the neighborhood or even if you’re not then be sure to support the organization, it’s a good one.