Superior Hiking Trail

     One of my life goals is to hike the entire Superior Hiking Trail without an overnight backpack.  In other words, I want to do each section during day trips.  I wouldn’t mind camping overnight and doing a thru-hike it’s just that owning a canoe outfitting business and having kids in school doesn’t really gel with me being able to take a month long hike. 

     I’ve hiked a number of the different portions of the trail and enjoyed them all.  Hiking is really much more enjoyable without a 40 or 50 pound bag on your back.  It allows you to travel farther faster unless you are one of those iron people or live on a trail.

     The only challenge with day hikes that aren’t a part of a loop is arranging transportation.  Yesterday I had a friend leave her vehicle at Judge C. Magney State Park and then Mike drove us to Camp 20 Road.  That’s the road where my Off the Beaten Path friend lives close to.  There was snow sticking to the trees and ground at the trailhead that eventually stuck to Rugby who found frolicking in the white stuff fun.

     This section of the trail was one of the easiest I have encountered.  Perhaps it was the pleasant company or the crisp autumn smell but I think it was because of the lack of elevation change.  I only remember one small hill and the steps out of Devil’s Kettle overlook and that was it.  The trail was in great condition and we didn’t have to get our feet wet anywhere.  There were scenic vistas of the lakes and ridges and Rugby kicked up a few grouse.

     It was a great day for a hike and according to the forecast there are plenty more days left for hiking before we pull out the snowshoes and cross country skis.  The temperature is forecasted to warm up and those glorious fall days will no doubt  lure me back into the woods for another section of the Superior Hiking Trail.