SUP in the BWCA

     I haven’t seen stand up paddleboarding in the Boundary Waters yet and I’m not sure we will. While it might be fun to have one SUP in with a group of canoes I doubt we’ll ever see a group of people with only stand up paddleboards in the BWCA.

     Stand up paddleboarding is the newest craze in watersports. It’s great fun for people of all ages and abilities.  There are boards of all shapes and sizes to choose from and they vary in stability.  The challenge with SUP’s in the BWCA is they aren’t super easy to portage and while you could carry gear on them it wouldn’t be much and it would probably get wet.  A basecamp trip with one paddleboard and the rest canoes might be an option for the Boundary Waters. Otherwise there are plenty of other places you can enjoy stand up paddleboarding.

     The Mississippi River near the Twin Cities is one place you can try stand up paddleboarding.  Clear Waters Outfitting Company offers day trips on the Mississippi or paddleboarding on a nearby lake. They also sell stand up paddleboards and that’s where I got mine. Mike’s cousin owns and operates this outfitting company based in Clearwater, Minnesota.  If you’re looking for a great day trip or a canoe or kayak to purchase then check them out.

     Here’s some photos from our stand up paddleboarding fun at the end of the Gunflint Trail.

sup BWCA

Boundary Waters SUP

BWCA sup