Sunshiny Day

The sun is rising earlier every day and I am loving it.  After dropping Abby off at the bus stop I drove down the trail to cross country ski.  It was a cold morning, about 4 below, and there was frost on the trees and the snow was sparkling.  As I skied through the woods I tried to take in everything around me, knowing it could be one of the last times I get out this season.  I stopped to listen and I heard it.  Complete silence.  Not a bird chirping,  a vehicle going by, nor the crunch of the snow, just the sound of my heart beating.  I took a deep breath and smelled it.  Not exhaust or garbage, no real scent at all, just pure, fresh air.  I looked around and I saw it.  Not a building in site, just the beauty of the snow and trees against the backdrop of a beautiful blue sky and the sun shining down brightly.  I wonder if there are other places on earth as special as the Gunflint Trail.  Out there today, I found it.  A place so wonderful I never want to leave.  Have a sunshiny day.